GOP wins Two out of Three–Really more like a TIE than a sweeping victory

GOP wins Two out of Three–Really more like a TIE than a sweeping victory
Written by The ACP
Wednesday, 04 November 2009
Some are arguing that the GOP had a resoundingly victorious night last night.  The net of the evening was actually more of a TIE:

1) in Virginia the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General candidates all ran on fiscal and law and order issues, and refused to get into “political football” discussions over marriage, birth, sex, and religion.  All three candidates were UNAPOLOGETICALLY socially conservative on EVERY COUNT, but they didn’t brag about it, they didn’t talk about it, they just let it show that they were men of substance and character and not willing to be drawn into cultural battles when the questions of the day are role of Government and rule of law.


2) In New Jersey, the GOP nominated an establishment Republican who had one thing going for him: he’d spent several years harassing the Corzine administration, et al., on blatant corruption throughout New Jersey…and OH yeah…he wasn’t Corzine. A candidacy that was based almost SOLELY on the inadequacy of the incumbent to run the Government and very little about ideas or principles.


3) Lastly, in NY, the GOP supported to the hilt the most self-serving liberal, big-government Republican candidate that they could find until she pulled out and then they pretended (for a SOLID 24 hours) that they converted to Limited Government conservatism.  Then when Scazzafava endorsed the Democrat (after a phone call from the White House Chief of Intimidation), it became evident that the GOP was more concerned about preserving the STATUS QUO of two party fraternity than to let a man bound to some sort of ideal DARE caucus with them outside of the influence of the GOP machine.


So overall, a tie for the GOP, and a victory of sanity in New Jersey, and ideas in Virginia. Compared to a year ago, it’s progress.


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