machete-wielding looters

“Frustration turns to anger as quake survivors battle for goods scavenged from rubble of collapsed buildings amid reports of machete-wielding looters roaming streets.”
Between this and Rawanda, seems to me what is needed is strict machete control. Maybe a machete registration.


Haiti was a Washington inside job.

Barack H. Obama, needing an emergency to implement his agenda, masterminded the Haiti earthquake. In a secret executive order, Obama commanded the military to plant a neuclear device below the city of Port Au Prince. It is believed this is a diversion so that the healthcare plan can be passed without notice.

Well…no…not really. But this is no more far fetched than the moonbat belief that president Bush had the twin towers taken down.

Coakley Can’t Spell Her Own State’s Name


Martha Coakley, anointed to occupy the Kennedy seat in the senate can’t even spell the name of the state she wants to represent.

At the bottom of her tv ad it says “Paid for by the Massachusettes Democratic Party.

She also claimed there are no terrorists in Afghanistan, which may leave our troops wondering who is setting those roadside bombs, then. Intelligence is not a requirement to be a Democrat elected official; only a hardcore determination to impose failed socialist policies and radical secularism on the American people.

Dishonesty is also a key job skill for Democrat politicians. In the debate, Coakley dishonestly claimed that Scott Brown, the Republican, wanted to deny hospital care to rape victims. (In reality, the Amendment he supported was a conscience clause, exempting hospital workers from having to perform abortions or provide birth control if it went counter to their religious beliefs.)

Dumb, dishonest, and fanatically pro-abortion. Coakley is pretty much the ideal Massachusetts Democrat pol. It also helps if you have light skin and no discernible “negro dialect,” which Coakley also has.

“It’s The People’s Seat.”

Wish more politicians believed this.

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